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[mkgmap-dev] Transliteration

From Ivan Kostoski ivan.kostoski at gmail.com on Thu Oct 22 13:47:49 BST 2009

> What's the best thing we can say to (impatient) map users that want
> readable names in maps in your opinion? Wait for improved support in
> Mkgmap or is adding transliterated names in the OSM data an option?
My suggestion would be if --code-page is given, transliterate to ascii all
characters that fall out of the code page range. I.e. if I like build
Cyrillic map (--code-page=1251) I would transliterate all characters that
fall out of (0x0020-0x007f; 0x0400-0x04ff) ranges, so If any i.e. Greek
characters are present it the input data, they will be "mapped" to ascii.
Similar to with cp1252 (i.e. latin1), transliterate everyting outside
0x0020-0x007f; 0x00a0-0x00ff ranges. cp1250, transliterate everything

Cyrillic, in most cases, is easy to transliterate (or romanize, etc) by
simple mapping as there are few exceptions. Try properly transliterating
i.e. Greek (i.e. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romanization_of_Greek), taking
account letter combination and positioning in the word, assuming you know
which standard of Greek romanization you will use...

What I did to work around it is to use small program that pre-processes osm
data, adding name:ascii tags whenever it encounters non-ascii characters in
the osm data, and than use --name-tag-order=name:ascii, name as options.
However, it think that similar functionally could be implement in mkgmap...

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