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[mkgmap-dev] Different representations according to resolution

From Toby Speight T.M.Speight.90 at cantab.net on Wed Oct 21 20:22:08 BST 2009

0> In article <4ADF4FC5.4010403 at gmx.de>,
0> Torsten Leistikow <URL:mailto:de_muur at gmx.de> ("Torsten") wrote:

Torsten> Toby Speight schrieb:
>> Also, it would be nice to have roundabouts rendered in the correct
>> colour (motorway, trunk, primary, ...) but still appear as 0xc in the
>> routing layer.

Torsten> For this problem there is an easy solution: Use multiple map
Torsten> layers!

Good suggestion - I hadn't thought of that!  I'll look at putting it
into practice.

Thanks.  :-)

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