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[mkgmap-dev] Unable to send maps with MapSource

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Tue Oct 20 23:32:54 BST 2009

Hi Carlos

On 18/10/2009 22:11, Carlos Dávila wrote:
> I have tried to send maps generated with --index (r1293) to the card in
> my nuvi, but after some 25% of the process MapSource (6.13.7 and 6.15.6)
> always ends with an error with a report like this:
> App: MapSource
> AT: ...
> OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3
> Processor: ...

I think I have found what causes this, and it would be good if someone 
could confirm.

If an individual map has more than 16 regions then the transfer fails 
for that file.  It doesn't appear to make any difference if there are 
other maps selected or not.  I modified mkgmap to limit to 16 regions 
per file, and have a complete map of Germany that appears to work.

I think this is more that we don't know how, rather than not possible, 
but I don't have any ideas on what can be done to fix it at the moment.


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