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[mkgmap-dev] Creating defect tiles.

From dom dom at team-oid.de on Tue Oct 20 09:36:58 BST 2009


Yes I know that it's experimental software. I asked for known issues
concerning a file size over 20MB?
No I do not use assertion. Do you still need the map file, or shall I
rebuild the maps with assertion first?


Mark Burton wrote:
> Hi Marco,
>> yes I can do. But before we start huge debugging.
>> I found out, that these file were bigger then 20 MB.
>> Could this be a limitation of mkgmap?
>> I recreated the maps with low "max-nodes" in splitter, the file became
>> smaller and it works, now.
>> Is there a know issue?
> There's always known issues - it is experimental software that's in a
> constant state of development.
> You are building your maps with Java assertions enabled aren't you? You
> should always have them enabled for mkgmap. If you were not using
> assertions, please rebuild the failing map with them enabled and see if
> it reports any errors.
> Cheers,
> Mark
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