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[mkgmap-dev] Address search and cities with "Umlauts" in their name

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Sun Oct 18 09:23:21 BST 2009

What I noticed on the last updates:
With the latest updates the problem of not being able to find streets 
starting with "A" is solved.

*Not able to find addresses in cities that have an "Umlaut" in their name:*
I am not sure if this was already working or not
In the "search address" if you only search for a street name, you find 
the address. When adding however (the correct) the city also, no address 
is found anymore. There seems to be the problem that in the city 
index,cities are registered WITH Umlaut. In the full address WITHOUT Umlaut.
I cannot enter "Moedling" to search for a city / not accepted as city in 
the address tab. However address is fund like this:

I have noticed this problem in all  cities with "ö" in their name (5 
cities) that I have tried out.

"French" Accents like é do not pose problems in Mapsource (can't retest 
on gps because most tiles in France cannot be transferred to GPS).
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