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[mkgmap-dev] Minor issue with road angles

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Sat Oct 17 13:05:10 BST 2009

Hi Paul,

> I was recently travelling south down the M61 and turned off this to head
> east along the M65. After joining the slip road from the M61 the
> directions I were given were to keep right to the roundabout and then
> take the 1st exit off the roundabout. As you can see there is a feeder
> lane from the M61 slip road onto the M65 slip road so the roundabout is
> clearly not the best option.
> I don't recall this ever happening before so I can only presume it's
> related to the arc tweezing stuff that was committed recently. I used
> mkgmap r1280 and the following command line to produce the map

Good catch!

Yes, it's better in the case of a link road leaving another link road
to not increase the angle because then you won't suffer the extra time
penalty and being told keep left/right makes as much sense as turn

I will be committing a fix later when I've tested it some.



PS - that junction looks too blue to me! should all the ways be
motorway links? 

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