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[mkgmap-dev] Added option to sanity check roundabout flare roads

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Sat Oct 17 11:06:41 BST 2009

As part of my current thrust to improve the mapping of the world's
roundabouts, I have added an option that checks the sanity of
roundabout flare roads. It probably can be fooled by some valid data
but it's pretty good at finding bad roundabout flares. Specifically,
it's looking for these errors:

 flare roads that point in the wrong direction

 flare roads that are not oneway

 flare roads that start or end beyond the "flare triangle"

The UK map is very poor in this regard. I think I can do more to
improve the routing in the UK now by just fixing the OSM data rather
than working on mkgmap!

You may want to enable this occasionally to help weed out the cruft in
your maps.


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