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[mkgmap-dev] Poor man's line draw order - mkgmap dropping extended type lines ?

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Thu Oct 15 11:45:42 BST 2009

Hi Ivan,

> I tested mostly with MapSource but from previous experience, behavior is
> consistent (i.e. when things start to disappear)  with at least Garmin
> Mobile XT. I tested today my map with Garmin Mobile XT and everything seems
> to be in place so MAX_XT_* values of 0xff00 should be safe and not cause too
> much unnecessary subdivisions I hope. I know this is rare case (a lot of
> extended lines) but simple test is mapping of contour lines to 0x10105
> (instead of 0x20-0x22) which is also behaves like contour line. This now
> works fine.

Very good.

Even with the new limits in place, you won't get many subdivisions
compared to what you would have if there was lots of POIs, lines,
shapes so don't worry about that.

> I see you already committed the patch, so Thank You again.

You're welcome.



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