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[mkgmap-dev] Anyone tried the arc tweezing patches?

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Thu Oct 15 09:20:23 BST 2009


> > Are you happy that the tweeze arcs stuff doesn't actually break
> > anything (compared to before)? If so, I shall commit it in its present
> > form
> Better than the status quo, so would support committing it (and also for 
> a merge of the mdr branch into trunk, because at some point this has to 
> be done)
> > .
> >
> > If the functionality is considered OK, I could also commit the
> > delete tags patch and the set road params from POI patches as well
> > because all of these features can be disabled by the user.
> >   
> Yip, both very very practical!

OK - I will commit these three patches.

As for the mdr branch, that's Steve's baby so it's best left to
him to merge that back into trunk (shouldn't be too difficult
given that it's mostly new classes).


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