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[mkgmap-dev] Anyone tried the arc tweezing patches?

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Thu Oct 15 08:42:27 BST 2009

Mark Burton wrote:
> Felix,
>> How shall I merge this, it is conflicting - when using the patch version 
>> mkgmap does not compile.
> Attached is a version of the patch that applies on top of the tweeze
> arcs patch.
> It would be good to commit the tweeze arcs patch as it affects quite a
> few files and makes it difficult to test other new stuff.
> Are you happy that the tweeze arcs stuff doesn't actually break
> anything (compared to before)? If so, I shall commit it in its present
> form
Better than the status quo, so would support committing it (and also for 
a merge of the mdr branch into trunk, because at some point this has to 
be done)
> .
> If the functionality is considered OK, I could also commit the
> delete tags patch and the set road params from POI patches as well
> because all of these features can be disabled by the user.
Yip, both very very practical!
> Mark
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