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[mkgmap-dev] Access Tags - is mkgmap also evaluating values other than no (e.g. delivery, destination, forestry, agricultural, permissive...)

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Wed Oct 14 11:26:35 BST 2009

> It would be great to have --delete-tags="motorcar,motorcycle (private/no)"
> Actually I'm a bit afraid of people putting access=no motorcar=forestry 
> but forgetting bicycle=yes or foot=yes.
> What would best be --delete-tags"/resources/deletetags" and put all tags 
> with values into that file as a list like
> motorcar=no
> motorcar=private
> motorcycle=no
> motorcycle=private
> emergency=no
> ...... and that list deletes all those tags before processing the 
> style-rules.

OK, I'll work on that this evening.


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