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[mkgmap-dev] Access Tags - is mkgmap also evaluating values other than no (e.g. delivery, destination, forestry, agricultural, permissive...)

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Wed Oct 14 10:47:10 BST 2009

Mark Burton wrote:
> Felix,
>> O.k. so where do I find the other values?
Well, if you said not only =no has an effect, what happens to 
access=destination or access=private - AFAIK Garmin only accepts yes or 
no, so which of the values (permissive, private, delivery...) is taken 
for "no". Or put differently, which value other than "no" will block the 
road for a given mode of transport?
> What other values?
>> Actually can I delete some access mapping lines if I don't want them - 
>> this would be easier than working with action rules.
>> So if I crunch the below list down to
>> #     new AccessMapping("access",     RoadNetwork.NO_MAX), // must be 
>> first in list
>> #        new AccessMapping("bicycle",    RoadNetwork.NO_BIKE),
>> #        new AccessMapping("foot",       RoadNetwork.NO_FOOT),
>> Do I then achieve my goal of not needing to give action rules like
>> motorcar!=yes | motorcycle!=yes {set access=yes; set motorcar=yes; set 
>> motorcycle=yes; set ...}
>> Or will this break mkgmap?
> Sorry, I'm being thick - I don't understand what you want to achieve -
> please describe the desired result in (English!) words.
I want that mkgmap takes no action in case of motorcar=no, or 
motorcycle=no, and only set restrictions if: access=no/private & ( 
bicycle!=* foot!=*)  --- / bicycle=no/private --- / foot=no/private
(In order to use motorcar/motorcycle setting in GPS for 
bicycling/walking because the respective profiles in the GPS are useless 
for bicycle/foot autorouting. - Therefore I need mkgmap to drop any 
restrictions that only apply to motor vehicles)
> Cheers,
> Mark
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