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[mkgmap-dev] Access Tags - is mkgmap also evaluating values other than no (e.g. delivery, destination, forestry, agricultural, permissive...)

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Wed Oct 14 10:37:18 BST 2009


> O.k. so where do I find the other values?

What other values?

> Actually can I delete some access mapping lines if I don't want them - 
> this would be easier than working with action rules.
> So if I crunch the below list down to
> #     new AccessMapping("access",     RoadNetwork.NO_MAX), // must be 
> first in list
> #        new AccessMapping("bicycle",    RoadNetwork.NO_BIKE),
> #        new AccessMapping("foot",       RoadNetwork.NO_FOOT),
> Do I then achieve my goal of not needing to give action rules like
> motorcar!=yes | motorcycle!=yes {set access=yes; set motorcar=yes; set 
> motorcycle=yes; set ...}
> Or will this break mkgmap?

Sorry, I'm being thick - I don't understand what you want to achieve -
please describe the desired result in (English!) words.



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