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[mkgmap-dev] Access Tags - is mkgmap also evaluating values other than no (e.g. delivery, destination, forestry, agricultural, permissive...)

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Wed Oct 14 10:23:57 BST 2009


> While writing action rules to try out the link pois to roads I just 
> wondered whether mkgmap only looks at access/bicycle/motorcar.... =no or 
> also other values like = delivery / destination / forestry / 
> agricultural / private ?

It only looks at vehicle classes as in the list you show below.
> Also what happens if there is a road with access=no ; bicycle=permissive 
> - is bicycle then set to yes? Am I correct in assuming that if access=no 
> everything is first set to no, but later specific transport modes will 
> in case be enabled if =yes (and if so which other tags) are present?

Yes, that's how it works. Values of "yes", "designated" and
"permissive" will enable access to the given vehicle type. So in your
example above, it should work as you hope.
> I found this bit of code, which seems to indicate only =no is currently 
> evaluated, correct?

Not correct.

> #     new AccessMapping("access",     RoadNetwork.NO_MAX), // must be 
> first in list
> #        new AccessMapping("bicycle",    RoadNetwork.NO_BIKE),
> #        new AccessMapping("foot",       RoadNetwork.NO_FOOT),
> #        new AccessMapping("hgv",        RoadNetwork.NO_TRUCK),
> #        new AccessMapping("motorcar",   RoadNetwork.NO_CAR),
> #        new AccessMapping("motorcycle", RoadNetwork.NO_CAR),
> #        new AccessMapping("psv",        RoadNetwork.NO_BUS),
> #        new AccessMapping("taxi",       RoadNetwork.NO_TAXI),
> #        new AccessMapping("emergency",  RoadNetwork.NO_EMERGENCY),
> #        new AccessMapping("delivery",   RoadNetwork.NO_DELIVERY),
> #        new AccessMapping("goods",      RoadNetwork.NO_DELIVERY),

This is just setting up the relationship between the OSM name and the
garmin data structure bit for the various vehicle types recognised.



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