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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH] ref/operator/shelter naming for stops of public transit

From Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at iki.fi on Tue Oct 13 21:24:06 BST 2009

Some months ago, I submitted a patch to the mkgmap default style that
would do two things: include ref/operator/shelter in bus/rail/tram stop
names and change the types of minor stops from 0x2f08 to 0x2f17.  I can
understand hesitation to change the POI type, but I would really like to
see the name/ref/operator/shelter logic committed to the tree.

The logic works like this.  If none of name, ref, operator, shelter
is given, the stop will remain unnamed.  Otherwise, unassigned
name, ref, operator will be replaced by the empty string and the
name will be '$name $ref[+ -]$operator', mapping shelter=yes/no to +/-.

The POI type (and resolution) changes would be these:

-highway=bus_stop [0x2f08 resolution 21]
+highway=bus_stop [0x2f17 resolution 20]

-railway=tram_stop [0x2f08 resolution 21]
+railway=tram_stop [0x2f17 resolution 20]

Both 0x2f08 and 0x2f17 would work on all models listed at
(sorry, I have been too lazy to fill in all details of the Edge 705).

The idea of this POI type change is to remove clutter both on the map
and in the Where To?/Find Places menu.  On the map, 0x2f17 shows as a
tiny white rectangle, but I guess it could be overridden in a TYP file.
The 0x2f17 is already being used for amenity=taxi.  The icon of 0x2f08
looks like the front of a bus or a train.  My idea is that the menu of
0x2f08 (ground transportation) would only contain the major stops
(bus stations or railway stops and stations).  For long-distance travel,
you could easily find the nearest stations in the menu.  For local
travel, you would more likely be only interested in the nearest bus or
tram stops, and the dozens of other stops would not bother you in the
menu, as the closest stops would be listed first.

Best regards,

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