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[mkgmap-dev] Highway:symbols box - clip letters

From charlie at cferrero.net charlie at cferrero.net on Mon Oct 12 09:47:09 BST 2009

Quoting Felix Hartmann <extremecarver at googlemail.com>:

> Just to add to my previous "bug" report, ref should be clipped to have
> only ONE letter preceding the number, otherwise it is dropped for
> highway:symbol boxes. (at least neither displayed in Mapsource nor on my
> Vista HCx). Also letters following numbers have to be kept to one letter
> only.
> Good: L999A
> Good: L999
> Good: 999A
> Good: 99
> Good:0
> (actually it would be great if there were a possibility to drop "ref=0"
> - never seen it in reality, but often placed in map data for streets
> without reference at all)
> Incorrect: EV6 --> should be clipped to E6 (better than not displaying
> it at all I think)
> Incorrect: 6EV --> should be clipped to 6E
> Incorrect:EV6EV --> should be clipped to E6E
> (this ads to the bug that the ref must be put before the name of the
> street, which is really lousy for the address search).
> Good Night,
> Felix
France has a lot of roads named (for example) D32E5, or D13E7.  How  
are these being treated at the moment?


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