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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r1269: Fix working out the name that belongs to a city and also

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Sat Oct 10 09:19:40 BST 2009

On 09/10/09 23:53, Felix Hartmann wrote:
>> Fix working out the name that belongs to a city and also
>> fetch the correct city for POIs that have an associated city.
> The city seems to be more or less correct now. The state/county
> information is still a bit on the weak side but a lot better. Strangely
> Vorarlberg and Tirol are often replaced with "Hall" which is a city.
> Maybe if unsure, addresses for several counties could be made up? This
> way if something is wrongly placed the chance to still find it gets
> bigger....

OK thanks for testing that.  The problem with the cities was just a
couple of bugs, but after you wrote your message I've discovered a
region related field which is now set correctly and may help with

> Also the "country" is sometimes AT and sometimes AUT. I noticed that
> official garmin maps often have several records for the same country
> (e.g. Austria AT; Austria AUT; Oesterreich) - maybe it is possible to
> associate points/adresses with several countries or put up placeholders?
> I am using the --country-name= option but it seems not to be used for
> the index.

I don't think it is possible to have POIs in more than one country, it
may be possible to have several names/translations for the same
country, but either way I don't know how.

> However - how are the cities determined?
> Is this dependant on the POI stylefile? - If so please tell which 0x are
> used - or put up some documentation in which file in the source this is
> changeable.

Cities are 0x1 to 0x11 inclusive.

> As for compatibility with GPS - I last tested with 1268 on GPS and it
> worked well - if I only sent one tile. When I sent whole of Austria I
> had problems finding "streets" far away from current position, while the
> street was found in Mapsource.

OK thanks for the report, I've not done much on device testing yet, it
seemed OK with one tile as you found.

> Hope my feedbacks contains something useful.

It certainly does, hopefully regions are now better.



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