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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r1262: Rework the city code.

From Gert Münzel Gert.Muenzel at netcologne.de on Thu Oct 8 13:41:58 BST 2009

Steve Ratcliffe wotes 
*on* /Thu Oct 8 13:10:07 BST 2009/

>Anyway try 1268, as I don't have any problems transferring maps with 
>this version, even small ones where find doesn't work.

Already done but without success.
What size we're talking about ? My mapfile in mp-format is 9MB (as osm ~45 MB). I also tried
one with 85 MB in mp-format, but this also fails.
Also a attempt transfering the map together with Metroguide maptiles failed.
Only removing all cities from the data helps.
Sadly i'm not a programmer, so i can't help.


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