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[mkgmap-dev] Routing issue

From Nakor nakor.wp at gmail.com on Thu Oct 8 00:46:30 BST 2009


I have spotted a routing issue with a mkgmap generated map. I was able to
reproduce it in several versions: 1188, 1228 and 1265.

The source file is the Cloudmade Michigan file (Sep 30), that I split using
splitter. I can reproduce the issue either using the whole Michigan state (5
tiles) or just the tile where it happens. The tile were it happens has the
following bounding box: 44.472656,-87.890625 to 47.548828,-83.144531

You can look at the following map:

If I try to route from A to B, either on MapSource or on my etrex Vista, I
get a line from A to D and a line from D to C
If I try to route from A to C (or west of C), MapSource shows an error and
the GPS can route but stille displays A-D-B lines.
If you try either route (A to B or A to C) in Cloudmade, they work fine.

I can provide the osm data (22 Mb gzipped) if needed.


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