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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v3] - tweeze arc headings to improve routing instructions

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Wed Oct 7 10:13:51 BST 2009

v3 - now based on r1265. Added --adjust-turn-headings option to enable
this functionality. Reports now downgraded to info (from warn).


v2 - various changes - should now work with junctions that have more
than 1 side road - should be able to treat exits from roundabouts in
the same way as side roads.


The attached patch (which also includes the drive-on-left patch because
it's based on that) attempts to improve the quality of routing
instructions so that when a turn off a road that doesn't involve a big
heading change is required, the GPS should say "turn left/right" rather
than "keep left/right". It can also reduce the number of "keep
left/right" instructions you get when you are not leaving the main road
but passing a junction that has a shallow turn (e.g. sometimes happens
on motorways when it tells you to keep left/right even though you are
not leaving the motorway).

I have tested it a little and it appears to work. I expect there are
situations where it does the wrong thing so it would be great if people
could give it a go and see if it behaves OK.

There isn't any option to enable the feature at the moment. If you use
the patch, it will be enabled.

It's currently issuing a warning for each change it makes but later that
can be downgraded to info.


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