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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r1262: Rework the city code.

From Gert Münzel Gert.Muenzel at netcologne.de on Tue Oct 6 17:31:14 BST 2009

Gert wrotes:
<1: there seems to be a problem with german umlauts.
<   "City" page:
<   You can't enter Citys which contains characters like Ö, ä,ü in the City-field.
<   But if i only enter some leading characters like e.g "Zer" i get as result also "Zerm?Llen".
<   If i press then "search" sometimes(not always) Zermüllen(which is the correct form of writing) will
<   be found with "Zermüllen,Zermü?Len" in the "Places" window

Just to make it clearer:
This example always will be found, but some other City with Umlauts (ö,ü,ä)will be found and some not.


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