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[mkgmap-dev] Memory problems since 1245

From charlie at cferrero.net charlie at cferrero.net on Tue Oct 6 14:20:49 BST 2009

Quoting "Du Plessis, Bennie" <Bennie.DuPlessis at sappi.com>:

> Ahh,
> I made a mistake
> The reason why I could not see in mapsource what I expected is because I
> used the wrong input file for the one --index creation.
> I make SA in a one tile map, and also in a 4 tile map, to compare &
> play.
> The 4 tile version worked fine, but the 1 tile map still does not
> compile and returns the same ArrayIndexOutOfBounds error.
> This input file is 19MB.
> Files created: SdAf1TMOView1257_mdr.img sizer 0 kb
> Does this mean the input file is just too big?
In my experience you can have much bigger input files than that before  
mkgmap breaks: I have successfully used input files of up to 25Mb
See http://www.mkgmap.org.uk/pipermail/mkgmap-dev/2009q3/003584.html

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