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[mkgmap-dev] Handling of Garmin magic label codes (highwayshields etc.) differs from mp-format input to osm-format ?

From Gert Münzel Gert.Muenzel at netcologne.de on Mon Oct 5 23:28:37 BST 2009

Steve wrotes on     /Mon Oct  5 22:59:50 BST 2009
>Itsn't it commented out in the HighwayShieldFilter?  It may well work
>with the PrependFilter, try: ${name|prefix:ele}
Yes, it's commented out.
${name|prefix:ele} , i have already tried before. Yes it works. BUT ONLY if you use it as single magic
code. Actually it seems to be impossible to use more than a single code in style definition.

>>>/ but as it is well known we could just support something like the following:
/>>>/ highway=* {name '${ref|highway-symbol:oval}~[0x1f]${name}'
/>>/ Sorry, but this only writes "~[0x1f]" in the img and this will be shown as plain text in the label.
>Yes, exactly it is not currently supported in a style file, but it
>could be rather easily if that is what people wanted.
It's surely only a small step closer to a perfect garmin img file out of osm-data, but maybe people
will find it a little nice enhancement if they can use the full magic garmin codes.
And if its really rather easily to implement it ...

Anyway thanx for your support.

.. Gert

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