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[mkgmap-dev] MDR success and a couple of questions

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Sun Oct 4 11:58:09 BST 2009


> MDR7 - Roads
> 1/2 bytes IMG id from MDR1
> 3 bytes - unknown, may be a pointer in NOD, it's not a label or NET offset

This definitely is or can be a pointer to LBL as I have now got working
street search based on it being a pointer into LBL.

But perhaps it can be different things, I previously had it down
as a pointer into NET.  This would make sense as net contains the
locations of the road.  With a pointer to LBL the software has to
perform several lookups to locate the road and its city, region etc.

If anyone can confirm pointer to something other than LBL could you
let me know what the flags following the MDR 7 start, size and record 
size fields in the header are please.


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