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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v5] - drive on left + roundabout direction checking

From Paul news at pointdee.co.uk on Sat Oct 3 14:22:53 BST 2009

Mark Burton wrote:
> Hi Paul,
>> Either you've fixed all the GB roundabouts or I've done something wrong
>> as I get no additional output when compiling a map of GB with this patch
>> applied.
>> If you have fixed them all then I see no negative side effects either
> I very much doubt that I've fixed every one so I think that it's more
> likely that you don't have warnings enabled in your logging.properties
> file. Here's what I have at the moment:

So I checked out the latest mkgmap from subversion. I patched with:-

patch -p1 < ../mb-drive-on-left-v5.patch

patching file resources/help/en/options
patching file src/uk/me/parabola/imgfmt/app/Coord.java
patching file src/uk/me/parabola/imgfmt/app/net/NODHeader.java
patching file src/uk/me/parabola/imgfmt/app/net/RouteArc.java
patching file src/uk/me/parabola/mkgmap/osmstyle/StyledConverter.java
patching file src/uk/me/parabola/mkgmap/reader/osm/Way.java

I copied and pasted the text from your previous email into

I ran ant dist which was successful and then ran

java -Xmx2048M -jar mkgmap.jar --remove-short-arcs --drive-on-left
--add-pois-to-areas --latin1 --gmapsupp --route --style-file=$stylefiles
--max-jobs --code-page=1252 --country-name="Great Britain"
--country-abbr=UK --tdbfile --tdb-v4 --description="Map of GB"
--family-name="Great Britain" 700000??.osm $contourdir/uk/*.osm

Still no additional output. The 700000??.osm files are created by
splitter from todays great_britain.osm from Geofabrik



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