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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v5] - drive on left + roundabout direction checking

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Fri Oct 2 23:02:26 BST 2009

v5 - added --check-roundabouts option to explicitly enabled
roundabout checking/reversing.

Not had much feedback on this yet, anyone (apart from Dermot) tried
it? Even if you don't drive on the left (almost the whole world?) you
may care to try out the roundabout checking. About 3% of all the GB
roundabouts had the incorrect direction (plus a lot of other problems
that would break the routing).


v4 - improved quality of direction detection


v3 - now reverses the order of the points in roundabouts that have the
wrong direction so that routing is more likely to succeed.


v2 - now prints OSM URL of first point in dodgy roundabout.


As suggested, moved from rhd to dol.

Two options are now available --drive-on-left and --drive-on-right.

By default, you should not have to specify either because mkgmap now
determines the side of the road to drive on from the direction
of the first roundabout it processes. But if you don't like
its choice, you can specify one of these options to override it.

Also, it now issues a warning for each roundabout it finds that appears
to go in the wrong direction. I just got 720 warnings when I processed
the GB map so either there is a problem with the code or there is a lot
of duff roundabouts. I checked a handful of them and they were all

Please give it a go and if you find any of the warnings to be wrong,
please post the OSM URL of the roundabout in question.

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