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[mkgmap-dev] Should inter tile routing still work when splitting Splitter results again?

From Lambertus osm at na1400.info on Thu Oct 1 09:40:41 BST 2009

Chris Miller wrote:
> L> It sounds indeed like it's quite complicated to do. But maybe, if I
> L> lock myself up for a week :p, this could be implemented in software.
> L> If the algo works then this should work really well.
> Don't lock yourself up for a week unless you really want to! I'm pretty sure 
> I can address this quite easily, it's just that I won't have time to work 
> on the splitter any more until late October. It should just be a matter of 
> telling the splitter to honour any <bound box="..."/> tag in the osm files 
> and not to grow beyond that (though still hang on to the overlapping nodes). 
> Currently I'm pretty sure the <bound /> tag is completely ignored.
Wow, that would indeed be a very elegant solution. Definitely worth the 
wait until somewhere November :-) I'll keep producing the maps with the 
recursive method for now and accept poor inter-tile routing in some 
places until Splitter gets better.


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