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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r1246: Impelent mdr 4 and 9 as best as we know.

From svn commit svn at mkgmap.org.uk on Wed Sep 30 10:54:40 BST 2009

Version 1246 was commited by steve on 2009-09-30 10:54:40 +0100 (Wed, 30 Sep 2009) 

Impelent mdr 4 and 9 as best as we know.

The unknown byte in mdr4 is set to a constant, we still don't know what
it is there for.  Plenty of things appear to work still.

mdr10 is grouped based on the primary type and this grouping is indexed by mdr9.

The categories menu is now useful and will restrict the things returned.  Note that it is not
perfect yet, no matter what category you select you always get a couple of pubs and a bus
stop included in the results.  This is probably down to type/subtype confusion which
I will try to fix next.

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