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[mkgmap-dev] Mkgmap appears to hang on some split files

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Mon Sep 28 10:50:37 BST 2009

Hi Lambertus

On 28/09/09 08:36, Lambertus wrote:
> While trying to get a new world map update out the door I noticed that
> Mkgmap sometimes hangs on an OSM data file produced with Splitter. When
> this happens the CPU is at 100% constantly for hours (e.g. all night)
> until I kill the process. The problem occurs in r1222 and also r1228.

I ran the command line you gave with 1222 and 1228 on both the files
and it completed in about a minute.  So no hang for me, and I'm going
to have to ask a few questions to have any idea.

Is there any version where it works without hanging for you?
What OS was it running on?
What is the LANG variable set to (if running on Linux)?

Could you send a stack dump when it is stuck, since it completes after
1 minute for me, probably waiting five minutes is more than enough to
know that it is stuck.

You can get a stack trace using typing ctrl-\
or using kill -QUIT on linux and on windows ctrl-break is supposed to
work but I wouldn't know.  Another way that works the same everywhere
is to use jstack.  Use jps to get the process id of the running
processes and call jstack with that id. jstack and jps come with JDK
download of java from sun and probably other places too.



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