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[mkgmap-dev] MDR success and a couple of questions

From Alexander Atanasov aatanasov at gmail.com on Wed Sep 23 14:30:28 BST 2009


On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 6:31 PM, Steve Hosgood <steve at tallyho.bc.nu> wrote:
> Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
>> Hi
>> I've managed to construct a working MDR file with all of 2 POIs in it.
> Congratulations! Nice work.
>> Secondly any ideas on MDR 9?  The first record always appears to be 01
>> 01 00 00, and that is enough to make searching work in
>> my simple example, but beyond that I have no idea.
> On my NT map, MDR9 only contains a single 4-byte element, containing
> just 01 01 00 00 just as you describe. So evidently that's an accepted
> Garmin way of rendering a minimum MDR9. The wiki claims (in a recent
> edit) that the number of elements in MDR9 is the same as the number in
> MDR10 but that's clearly not the case here.
> In breaking news(!) I find that MDR10 (in an NT map) can be a list of
> cities (settlements actually) rather than a list of POIs in the general
> sense of the word.

Yes, if there is no MDR4, MDR9 contains just one record and MDR10
contains only cities but no POIs. MDR10 and MDR11 counts are equal,
not MDR9 and MDR10. Also if there is MDR4 city types are repeated
as subtype in MDR9.

have fun,

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