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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap, sendmap and family-name oddities

From Charlie Ferrero charlie at cferrero.net on Wed Sep 23 09:05:47 BST 2009

Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
> Hi
>> mb.setAreaName(areaName != null ? areaName : "Area " + info.getMapname());
>> in GmapsuppBuilder sets the area name when none is given.
>> To me the behavior reported by Charlie Ferrero is more or less what I
>> was expecting. There is no reason to expect a tool like sendmap would
>> have the same defaults as mkgmap. My GPS has no external memory so I can
>> not test myself.
>> Perhaps Charlie Ferrero needs to try is setting the --area-name to what
>> he wants his map named?
> What you say is absolutely correct technically.  The only question was
> since area-name is not contained in anything that is given to MapSource,
> when mapsource sends a map to the device it can't use it.
> However, I just remembered that when you are uploading maps with
> mapsource you get a chance to type in your own name for the map set.
> That name defaults to family-name.  If it can be confirmed that this
> is the meaning of area-name then I will leave it in and document it as
> such, but probably let it default to family-name instead of 'Area
> ...'.
OK, I've tested things now and set both --area-name and --family-name. 
When I transfer the gmapsupp.img file manually to the SD card the name 
of each tile is:
[description], [area-name], [date of creation]

If I transfer using sendmap, then the name of each tile is:
[description, [family-name], [date of creation]

Not being familiar with diff, my efforts to diff the two files were 
futile, but seeing as they're so small (86/87KB) I can easily send them 
to the list if that's allowed - maybe someone else can test how they're 
different?  For starters, the sendmap version is 1 KB smaller than the 
manually-transferred file, which suggests that it actually *shrinks* the 
file before transferring it.


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