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[mkgmap-dev] [PATCH v1] - Reduce number of Table A entries required

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Tue Sep 22 09:09:30 BST 2009

Hi Marko,

> I successfully tested it on Finland with Edge 705 firmware 2.90.  The map
> is slightly smaller (36 megabytes instead of 37) and routing (car and bicycle,
> 200 to 250 km distance) still works.  It still makes a stupid detour for
> the bicycle route, but I would blame that on the Garminware.
> > So, all feedback is welcome regarding the effect this patch has on
> > routing performance. With the patch, the routing changed and I thought
> > it was more sensible but perhaps that's just wishful thinking.
> It could be that the bicycle route calculation was faster with this patch,
> but then again, there were not that many streets to choose from in my test.
> Calculation of bicycling routes through cities has always been slowest
> (multiple minutes).

Thanks for trying it out. It doesn't change anything specific to
bicycle routing so it won't suddenly make the garmin bicycle routing
fantastic but, hopefully, it will tend to improve routing performance
rather than making it worse.



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