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[mkgmap-dev] address search problem due to required "State" value

From maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com on Wed Sep 16 09:37:32 BST 2009

Is it possible to implement global indexing incrementally?  Looking at
my mapsource, the "Find Places" has 4 tabs (city, feature, address,
intersection).  This is disabled when I am using mkgmap generated

Maybe we can focus first in creating the city search index first or
address search and move on from there.

[I honestly don't know how to do this, so disregard my message if it
doesn't make sense]

> You can rip an .MDR file out of an official Garmin .IMG (it isn't
> encrypted as such).

I have some mdr file from a cgpsmapper generated map.  How can I "rip"
them and send the output to.

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