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[mkgmap-dev] Updated splitter (r87) - tile trimming

From Chris Miller chris.miller at kbcfp.com on Tue Sep 15 21:22:55 BST 2009

One thing that might work is if the trimming code I recently added was enhanced 
to look for 'large' gaps in the middle of a tile. If such a gap was found, 
it could split the tile in two and throw away the centre sea area. I'm not 
sure how well it would work in practice, the ferry routes you mention could 
be enough to prevent anything from being thrown away.

MM> On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 07:15:04PM +0100, Charlie Ferrero wrote:
>> Is there any simple way to add some logic to make sure a tile doesn't
>> span two continents (e.g. Brazil and Namibia, in the KML example you
>> sent, or Nicaragua and the Antarctic)?  I hope I'm not unique in
>> wanting my tiles to be associated with geographical regions, at least
>> vaguely!
MM> And is there a way to extend that logic to take smaller seas in
MM> account?
MM> For example, it would not be practical to have southern Finland in
MM> the
MM> same tile with Sweden or Estonia, because there only are ferry or
MM> flight connections between the regions.  (OK, you could drive as
MM> well,
MM> but it would be an impractically long trip.)
MM> Could this perhaps be achieved with some splitting constraints?  For
MM> example, input a set of tiles from the user, and split them further
MM> as needed?
MM> Best regards,
MM> Marko

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