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[mkgmap-dev] Updated splitter (r87) - tile trimming

From Chris Miller chris.miller at kbcfp.com on Tue Sep 15 21:19:01 BST 2009

It's quite a difficult problem to solve in general, though it is probably 
possible to 'cheat' by eg refusing to cross certain boundaries. Tackling 
this is something I'd like to get on to eventually but I don't have any specific 
plans on how best to deal with this just yet. There are still quite a few 
other things I want to implement/fix first, and some of those will probably 
make splitting by regions easier anyway (eg giving consideration to way and 
relation distributions rather than just node counts). Having said that, if 
someone can think of a workable solution for dealing with regions they're 
more than welcome to have a go at implementing it.


CF> Is there any simple way to add some logic to make sure a tile
CF> doesn't span two continents (e.g. Brazil and Namibia, in the KML
CF> example you sent, or Nicaragua and the Antarctic)?  I hope I'm not
CF> unique in wanting my tiles to be associated with geographical
CF> regions, at least vaguely!
CF> Charlie
CF> Chris Miller wrote:
>> CM> As you can see the tiles are now quite a bit more compact,
>> CM> especially around densely mapped coastlines, and unmapped ocean
>> CM> areas are often not tiled at all. The only unusual thing I can
>> see
>> CM> is tile 63240007 off the west coast of Mexico which contains just
>> a
>> CM> single node. The node is part of this way:
>> CM>
>> CM> http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/31775837
>> CM>
>> CM> Looks like bad osm data that needs cleaning up/deleting?
>> This way has now been deleted.

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