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[mkgmap-dev] Bug report : closed contour lines are opened

From Ralf Kleineisel ralf at kleineisel.de on Fri Sep 11 15:39:44 BST 2009

On 09/07/2009 09:43 PM, Mark Burton wrote:

> Not sure exactly what you mean by "closed", do you mean that the line
> starts and ends at the same point?

Yes, I discovered the same problem.

See this area for example:


All contours around this hill aren't closed. But they should be, because in
the source file they are:

<node id="1008571532" lat="51.548833333333334" lon="6.8750833333333334" />
<node id="1008571533" lat="51.548654761904764" lon="6.875916666666666" />
<node id="1008571534" lat="51.548520833333335" lon="6.8767499999999995" />
<node id="1008571535" lat="51.54925" lon="6.8770740740740735" />
<node id="1008571536" lat="51.550083333333333" lon="6.877125" />
<node id="1008571537" lat="51.550916666666666" lon="6.87689705882353" />
<node id="1008571538" lat="51.551143939393945" lon="6.8767499999999995" />
<node id="1008571539" lat="51.550972222222221" lon="6.875916666666666" />
<node id="1008571540" lat="51.550916666666666" lon="6.8750833333333334" />
<node id="1008571541" lat="51.550083333333333" lon="6.8749047619047614" />
<node id="1008571542" lat="51.54925" lon="6.8748910256410252" />
<way id="1000350392">
   <nd ref="1008571532" />
   <nd ref="1008571533" />
   <nd ref="1008571534" />
   <nd ref="1008571535" />
   <nd ref="1008571536" />
   <nd ref="1008571537" />
   <nd ref="1008571538" />
   <nd ref="1008571539" />
   <nd ref="1008571540" />
   <nd ref="1008571541" />
   <nd ref="1008571542" />
   <nd ref="1008571532" />
   <tag k="ele" v="150" />
   <tag k="contour" v="elevation" />
   <tag k="contour_ext" v="elevation_minor" />

Node 1008571532 is the first and last in the way, so its a closed way.

In the qtlandkarte screenshot you can see two waypoints I added at the
coordinates of node 1008571532 and 1008571537 for better identification.

The SRTM OSM file was made with srtm2osm, the IMG with mkgmap 1182.

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