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[mkgmap-dev] logical tests in style-file > and <

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Thu Sep 10 22:02:03 BST 2009

The incline tag can be defined with the following units. The following 
has all the same meaning:


default is assumed to be %.
Now in the style-file having a line checking for
will catch both
incline=100 and incline=100%
but not

It is impossible however to get deegrees translated into percent or to 
have a line checking for incline>45°
 > and non numeric character will through an error.

This is not of big importance to me, but the day we have a proper 
preprocessor available, % values and values with indication should be 
changed to ° before handing them over to be read by the style-file (not 
the other way around because 90° is not defined in %).

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