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[mkgmap-dev] Problem with oneway=-1

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Thu Sep 10 21:54:53 BST 2009

1. I think reversing ways with oneway=-1 is run before parsing the 
stylefile. Could it be changed to run afterwards, or else make it 
possible to give a command in style-file to change direction of way?

Reason being, is that I intend to make steep streets oneway in the 
downhill direction: While the following works and correctly sets the 
oneway tag:
highway=path & incline<-25                            { set oneway=1 }

The following will not work and street will be possible to be used in 
both directions:
highway=path & incline>25                            { set oneway=-1 }

I have looked through rev 1040 when it was introduced, but could not 
find out how to patch it to run later.
There is a second problem I have with the incline key, but it touches a 
completely different topic, so I send another mail for it.

2. not only oneway=-1 is an approved map feature, but also 
oneway=reverse. Current code will only reverse ways tagged oneway=-1, 
this should be extended to oneway=reverse.

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