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[mkgmap-dev] Style File Problem

From MarkS OSM at redcake.co.uk on Wed Sep 9 18:47:23 BST 2009

Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
> On 09/09/09 11:27, MarkS wrote:

> The problem is definitely in the generated img and not how mapsource
> displays it. I would expect that both roads would be at resolution 22
> which is probably not what you wanted but that is due to the usual
> issue of the action rules being run in an indeterminate order.
> If you need to work around the problem while I look at it try this:
>    (highway=* | highway=primary) & maxspeed=40mph {set mcssl=40}
> ..Steve

Both appear at the same resolution is wanted.

What I was trying to achive was roads in different colours according to 
speed limit. However, I wanted more important roads to show at lower 
resolutions so you could zoom in and out easily and have a workable map.

The problem lines were part of a much longer style file. Originally the 
file followed your work around, but this creates long style files 
because speed limits are defined in one of 5 ways on OSM data.

The newer style file comes up with a consistent speed limit defintion 
first (mcssl) and then later on uses mcssl and highway type - at this 
point resolution for all primary highways should be 20, trunks 18, 
motorways 16 and other roads 22. This gives a much short style file.

However, in testing I came across this curious bug that the highway key 
is lost for some roads if a name key exists.

I can work around to get what I want but I guess at some point we need 
to find out why these particular combinations gets odd results.

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