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[mkgmap-dev] Style File Problem

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Wed Sep 9 11:41:20 BST 2009

On 09/09/09 11:27, MarkS wrote:
> Felix Hartmann wrote:
>> Mapsource only uses even resolution. Only gps uses uneven. So as you did
>> not set 20, that might be the reason to go straight up to 22. Try with
>> even resolution only.
> I've changed the second line to
> highway=primary&  mcssl=40 [0x04 resolution 20]
> but it doesn't resolve the problem. I still get two idential roads

The problem is definitely in the generated img and not how mapsource
displays it. I would expect that both roads would be at resolution 22
which is probably not what you wanted but that is due to the usual
issue of the action rules being run in an indeterminate order.

If you need to work around the problem while I look at it try this:

   (highway=* | highway=primary) & maxspeed=40mph {set mcssl=40}


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