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[mkgmap-dev] Style File Problem

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Tue Sep 8 23:03:17 BST 2009

Mapsource only uses even resolution. Only gps uses uneven. So as you did 
not set 20, that might be the reason to go straight up to 22. Try with 
even resolution only.

MarkS wrote:
> I've battled trying to narrow this down for a couple of days.
> I have a lines style file that contains:
> highway=* & maxspeed=40mph {set mcssl=40}
> highway=primary & mcssl=40 [0x04 resolution 19]
> highway=* & mcssl=40 [0x04 resolution 22]
> I'm then running a stripped down (in JSOM) set of OSM data against 
> this. The data file contains two roads. The first road is the 
> original, whilst the second is a copy (in JOSM) with a name added (and 
> dragged a bit so it is visible). Both have primary=highway and 
> maxspeed=40mph. To me it seems that as both ways have the same 
> maxspeed and highway attributes they should both become visible at the 
> same resolution (ie. 19). However, they don't. The one without the 
> name becomes visible at 3mi (which I guess is 19), whilst the one with 
> the name becomes visible at 0.5mi (which I guess is 22).
> It seems therefore that having a name key (or a given value for that 
> key) affects the style file somehow.
> I've tried to look at the code but have no idea where to start (as my 
> Java knowledge is virtually zero and I don't know how data moves 
> through the mkgmap).
> Files are attached. Mkgmap version: 1180 (although I've tried a few 
> other recent version other the past few days). mapsource: 6.13.7
> Any ideas?
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