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[mkgmap-dev] Custom POI Icons & resolution

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Fri Sep 4 10:40:38 BST 2009

Hi Gert,

> >What I can see on my etrex is that the custom icon will disappear at
> >the level you expect (given the resolution value it has) but some of the
> >built in poi icons disappear sooner.
> Which type ?

Umm, can't remember exactly what I tried but I think it was 0x1b16
(lighted navaid, multicoloured) and I am now using 0x011500 (custom
point 1) - I did try some others as well.
> One thing we have to keep in mind is that also the gps settings (max. zoom of map points and  
> detail) affects this.
> E.G. if you set a fix max.zoom the behaviour differs from if you set it it to "auto". But then some type seems to be visible always like the standard types for citys.




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