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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap creates polygons that break Mapsource panning and also routing in some zoomlevels as well as crashing the GPS

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Thu Sep 3 17:43:12 BST 2009

2009/9/3 Mark Burton <markb at ordern.com>

> Felix,
> > If you are on medium detail between 1km and 3km (resolution 20)  there is
> a
> > small area where if you pan either nothing happens (screen not
> refreshing),
> > or you can not see the roads. With 1165 routing is not broken anymore, so
> I
> > think that patch solved something. Simply set detail to medium and
> distance
> > 2km and pan around in the north of the tile, then you will notice.
> It's working fine for me in mapsource.
> > Also again, use Mapsource 6.13.7 or 6.13.6 as Mapsource 6.15.4 accepts it
> > without problems. My GPS crashes as soon as I get into  that area on
> > resolution 20.  Both resolution 22 and 18 behave correctly. No crash on
> gps,
> > normal refreshing in Mapsource
> Well, I have mapsource 6.15.6 so, perhaps, that's why it's working for
> me.
Well, as a "developper" I would recommend using 6.13.6. 6.13.6 behaves more
or less like the GPS. Maps get drawn pixel by pixel identical to the GPS.
6.14.1 and bigger however cache everything (big problem on map update
because you see cached files if same FID/PID) and work completely different
when displaying the maps.

If you wan't to know whether a map works on the gps allways use 6.13.6.
6.13.7 is useful to debug POI for Oregon/Colorado. Most POIs that show white
spot in 6.13.7 on Visa x64 / 7 x64 (xp x86 is fine) are likely not to
display on Oregon/Colorado units.

On top 6.14.1 and bigger distort any map. I could not live with that
distortion (basecamp does so too).

The map looks strange in that area because of the plan.at data imports. But
still we should be able to cope with it.

> Mark
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