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[mkgmap-dev] Can you set background colour in a TYP file?

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Sun Aug 30 20:22:55 BST 2009

Hi Felix.

> Strange, try to look in gpsmapedit what polygon is used for background. 
> Have you patched it to 0x4a, i have seen some people doing that (though 
> I don't know what for)?

No, it's still 0x4b.
> drawing level 0, and make sure no other is on 0 or it might be displayed 
> behind the background. Color mode, no clue. I usually use maptk.

> Are you sure that the typfile really got transferred to gps? Are you 
> sure you set 0x4b as polygon to white (line 0x4b or poi 0x4b will of 
> course not work).

Yes, I can change lines and polygons (lakes, etc.) and the changes show

> Set a really strange color for say residential streets and look if it 
> really changes on gps (if it only appears to work....).

Yes it does.
> Transparency is NOT set? If map is set as transparent strange results 
> might happen with 0x4b defined.

No transparency.

Can you please email me a TYP file that sets the background to white so
I can see what the difference is?



PS - are you using the extended types in your mtb maps?

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