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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r1157: Added support for extended type attributes in mp files.

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Sun Aug 30 16:23:51 BST 2009

Hi Gert,

On Sun, 30 Aug 2009 17:00:33 +0200
Gert Münzel <Gert.Muenzel at netcologne.de> wrote:

> Hi, Mark
> >>/ But i discovered that neither the flashing nor the morsing  works in 
> />>/ Mapsource or in my 60csx . I guess these functions are only avaiable 
> />>/ with special marine gps of Garmin.
> /Sorry, my statement was not clear.
> I meant that i don't see any flashing or morsing (flashing or beeping) in GPS or MS.
> >No, they should certainly be visible in mapsource (I am using 6.15.6).
> >My etrex also does show marine stuff. So if you are using a recent
> >mapsource and stuff isn't showing up, perhaps I have made a mistake and
> >something needs fixing?
> They are visible in MS and in my 60csx too, so mkgmap works fine.

> >The morse and flash info only shows up in mapsource if you look at the
> >POI properties dialog.
> Yeah i've already seen this like the note.
> But as i mentioned above, i thought, that may be their would be really a flashing light visible.
> But may be this works only with special Garmin marine Gps or it is a missunderstanding by myself of cgpsmapper manual.
> My interpretation of e.g. page 40 cgpsmapper manual Ver 2.4.5 
> "If the value is a letter, then the light type is set to 0x0b(Morse code) and letter is used as a Morse code letter."
> was, that then the light is flashing in GPS and/or MS with this code and not "only" an information written in the poi properties
> section.

My understanding is that the flash info and the morse letter will be
displayed by mapsource/gps when you query the POIs properties. It just
tells you the info, it doesn't actually flash (or beep). Shame really,
that would be very entertaining!



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