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[mkgmap-dev] gui for areas.list ?

From Lambertus osm at na1400.info on Fri Aug 28 17:58:39 BST 2009

On Wed, 26 Aug 2009 21:11:31 +0000 (UTC), Chris Miller wrote:
> If I limit it to only handling KML that's in the same format as the
> then it's not too difficult to implement so yes I'll see what I can do.
Very fine by me :)

> One thing with the KML the splitter generates - I wasn't sure if I should

> call the areas in the KML I write out "Map 63240001", "Area 63240001",
> "Tile 
> 63240001" or just "63240001". Does anyone have any strong
> preferences/opinions? 
> Regardless of which of those is chosen, when reading in a KML file the
> splitter 
> should look for an 8-digit number in the KML name and use that as the
> area's 
> map ID. I'm not sure if that should be in preference to any supplied
> --mapid 
> parameter though, or if the --mapid parameter should override any IDs
> in the KML names instead. Thoughts?
Yes, thoughts all over. I seem to remember a haiku that was brought up just
before SOTM2 and was a mantra during last SOTM which was something like
"Mappas mappas mappas". :p

What I mean is that it might be best to just stick to the number and not
include any language. I'm fine with EN or EN_US but perhaps others would
rather have it something else. You can't do much wrong sticking to numbers

> If anyone has any more suggestions/ideas in this area it would be good to

> hear them. I'll hopefully find time to start implementing this on the
> weekend.
I will commit myself to making a webinterface for editing areas.kml files
now that you have addressed my wishes and comments so swiftly :)

Another nice way of putting OpenLayers to work and perhaps make a useful
tool for others as well. 

Thank you very much Chris for your work!

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