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[mkgmap-dev] address search problem due to required "State" value

From Mark Burton markb at ordern.com on Fri Aug 28 11:18:20 BST 2009

Hi Maning,

> Several problems with Search by Address in Garmin Mobile XT reported
> by some of my users.
> " - unable to search for road names via Address Search option using
> Where to?" -> "Addresses"
> -Step 1 0f 5 in Address Search requires entry of "State", no state is
> listed and no matches found if the "Spell" option is used
> -unable to proceed with the following Address Search steps because of
> the said bug"
> In the Philippines and surely in other countries, we don't have "State".

This is a known issue. Until the global index stuff is implemented I
don't think it will be fixed.



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