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[mkgmap-dev] --make-all-cycleways oddity

From Valentijn Sessink valentyn at blub.net on Fri Aug 28 10:32:00 BST 2009

Hi Mark,

Mark Burton schreef:
> Yes, using mapsource, if the cycleway=opposite tag is present it will
> route a car into the last segment of Hembrugstraat using the cycleway
> but if the destination is not the last segment of that road or the
> cycleway tag is not present, it will route the car correctly.

OK. Hmm. What to check next. I suppose the cycleway, due to previous
findings, is a copy of Hembrugstraat (i.e. not a real cycleway, but a
regular road where cars are prohibited) with car traffic forbidden? Is
there an easy way to make it a cycleway? Would that mean just removing
the comments at //cycleWay.addTag("highway", "cycleway"); in the
Osm5XmlHandler.java file?

For now, I guess there's some sort of built-in rule that makes Garmin
behave this way, but I'm not sure what it would be.

Also, as a side note, wouldn't it be better to have:					
cycleWay.addTag("oneway", "yes"); instead of the current "no"? With
"no", you'll never know on which road you're going to be, could be
Anyroad or Anyroad (bicycle), while "yes" would give the Garmin no
choice but put you on the Anyroad in the legal direction, while you'd be
on Anyroad (bicycle) in the opposite direction? Or am I missing something?

Best regards,


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