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[mkgmap-dev] Possible maxspeed patch

From MarkS OSM at redcake.co.uk on Fri Aug 28 10:05:46 BST 2009

WessexMario wrote:
> With this maxspeed debate, aren't we confusing two different data items.?
> maxspeed is defined as the legal speed limit, but the speed we are 
> discussing here is an average transit speed for routing purposes.
> The 'real' maxspeed would be useful in applications like excessive speed 
> warning, or notification of changes to the limit while in transit, even 
> (on the future) as a physical limit for automated vehicles; as the 
> average transit speed is a different value and is what is needed for routing
> Shouldn't a separate data item (eg "routingspeed") be used, leaving 
> maxspeed for what it is, the legal limit?
Agreed. I suggested early that perhaps this option would be better 
labelled "speed" rather than "maxspeed". However, routingspeed is 
probably more specfic and might be even better.

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