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[mkgmap-dev] Possible maxspeed patch

From WessexMario wessexmario-osm at yahoo.co.uk on Fri Aug 28 07:43:26 BST 2009

With this maxspeed debate, aren't we confusing two different data items.?

maxspeed is defined as the legal speed limit, but the speed we are 
discussing here is an average transit speed for routing purposes.

The 'real' maxspeed would be useful in applications like excessive speed 
warning, or notification of changes to the limit while in transit, even 
(on the future) as a physical limit for automated vehicles; as the 
average transit speed is a different value and is what is needed for routing

Shouldn't a separate data item (eg "routingspeed") be used, leaving 
maxspeed for what it is, the legal limit?

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